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Mixed Martial Arts Classes in North Attleborough

Traditional martial arts are often divided into strike based fighting (e.g.taekwondo and boxing) and grappling (jiu-jitsu and wrestling). This would leave fighters at a disadvantage because they were trained in either midrange or close range techniques. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was created to merge these two fighting archetypes into a single art form.

Do people learn MMA just for fighting?

MMA is so well know because it has led many competitors to victory in the octagon; other forms of traditional martial arts do not often defeat competitors with an MMA background. But MMA is not meant only for competitors. If you are interested in learning a style of fighting and getting into shape then why not choose the most well rounded martial art? Why not choose MMA?

MMA gives you the knowledge to handle almost any situation. Boxing and kickboxing teach you how to strike, block, dodge, and perform standing grapples. If you’re brought to the ground, then you can rely on jiu-jitsu and wrestling to help you out. MMA can be learned for self-defense purposes just as easily as it can be used for sparring. Many of our North Attleborough students of MMA never go into competitions; instead they use the training to enhance themselves.

Why learn MMA?

There are many reasons to train in MMA. Here are the ones that our North Attleborough students mention most frequently.

  • Build confidence
  • Learn discipline
  • Excellent physical workout
  • Stay cool under pressure
  • Relieve stress

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